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Cruise in Luxury Together

With a group cruise, the potential to bring people with you is endless:
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Share your love of luxury cruising with those near and dear to you.


Celebrate a life event like a birthday, an anniversary or a retirement. Host a family reunion with a block of side by side staterooms and enjoy each others company while you create memories on board your exquisite ship and sojourn the ports of call.


All you have to do is invite the people you love. I'll handle all of the arrangements for you and your guests. Each guest will be treated to the concierge care of Suite Dream Cruises.

Birds of a Feather flock together.  Affinity groups make great cruise companions.


Invite your fellow Golf or Tennis Club members for a Golf or Tennis cruise. Luxury car aficionados love to travel together. Who likes the same things you do? Wine, culinary delights, cooking classes, art, music, history, bird watching or shop 'til you drop outings can be your themed cruise adventure with like minded friends.


Again, all you have to do is invite your chosen kindred spirits. I'll not only handle all of cruise arrangements but will uncover the perfect itinerary and shore excursions for the shared interest of your group.

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Fundraising for your church or favorite charity just got really interesting.


Are you tired of those buy a dinner or marathon pledge events? Luxury cruising will take it up a notch to raise those non-profit dollars. Add on to the per person ticket price of a special luxury group cruise and your organization will be so thankful you thought of this!

Joint Venture Luxury Cruise Groups for Business Owners.


Share your luxury cruise passion. Grow your business!


Is it time to elevate the loyalty of your customers to the next level? Do you want to give your customers something unique? Something they can only find from you?


Are you ready to increase revenues while you deepen your customers bond to your brand or service?


Ideal for: Restaurants, vineyards, wineries, art galleries, estate planners, high end car dealerships and more.

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How it Works

  • Partner with Nancy to plan a cruise for your customers.

  • Invite your VIP customers to participate in your luxury getaway.

  • Receive revenue sharing on each cabin you sell.

The Benefits

  • Travel for free. Book at least 20 passengers to earn a complimentary cabin for 2.

  • Build customer loyalty by traveling with your customers.

  • Stand out in your industry with a memorable trip.

  • Done-for-you travel arrangements, complete with amenities and benefits.

Who can you invite to join you on your next luxury cruise?
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