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Cruise America



If you can dream it,

Suite Dream Cruises will get you there.

Have you ever taken a road trip across the USA?

It's a vast and majestic land. With many lakes, rivers, islands and immense coastlines, 

America can be explored with the spectacular mode of travel that is luxury cruising.

Cruise the coastline of the Eastern Seaboard. 

Journey back to the days of colonial America aboard a modern high end cruise ship. Gaze at the spectacular fall foliage and lighthouses of New England. Breathe in the fresh scent of the salt air. Look up to the tall steel and glass laced New York sky line and Lady Liberty. Sail on by the sandy beaches. Round the tip of the southern most point of the US and head into the Gulf for warm Caribbean breezes.

Image by Enzo Ticà
Image by Stephen Walker
Take a Paddle-wheel Steamboat up the mighty Mississippi River.


Your authentic paddle wheel steamboat carries you along the river in style. Can you see Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn? Listen closely to the on board historian as he tells the stories from along the river...from the Mardi Gras jazz of New Orleans to the plantations and civil war battles of the South. Hear the country and rock n roll music found in Memphis and the legends of Abraham Lincoln in Illinois. Venture further to see the Great Lakes as the destination for cargo ships coming in from the Erie Canal.

Follow Lewis and Clark down the cold, brisk waters of the Columbia and Snake Rivers of the Pacific Northwest.


See the gateway to the Gold Rush and be alert for any bears nearby. While you are surrounded by the roughed frontier, you can enjoy the amenities that your suite provides.

Embark up the Pacific North coastline bound for Alaska through the Inside Passage.

You spend much of your time on your private veranda taking in all the spectacular sights of  marine life, white caps, icebergs and mountain ranges as the ship moves along. Once arriving in port in Seward or Whittier, you start your land tour of the Alaskan interior. Ships, trains and airplanes transport you to various remote places each with very unique characteristics and adventures to explore.

Image by Rod Long
Image by Hyungman Jeon
Follow the whales to America's paradise: Hawaii


Take a long flight from Los Angeles over the Pacific Ocean and touch down in Honolulu. You take your private chauffeured car to your beautiful ship that is waiting for you in Pearl Harbor. On your way, you see a somber sight: the memorial  above the sunken USS Arizona.  You pause in respect. Soon, you are settled into your luxurious suite on board your ship as it pulls away for the dock and heads out to sea.  Hawaii is actually a chain of islands. What could be better than “island hopping” aboard your cruise ship? Unpack once and let your floating resort do the moving. The whales are in the local waters showing off for you. Your smart phone stands ready to snap pictures and videos as active volcanoes, steep waterfalls, palm tree lined beaches, hula dancers and surfers surround you everywhere you look....

While the world beckons you to far away places, it is still true that there's no place like home.
To see it all, there is no better way than by cruising.
Go where ever your heart desires. Let Suite Dream Cruises create your cruise itinerary today.


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